Please provide the best cell # and email to contact you.

I will try to confirm all appointments at least 24hrs in advance.

Any cancellations less than 24hrs in advance will be invoiced in full.

Contact for engagements:

Dylan Harris - #480-840-5299 -



Looking to improve your photography technique in the field and/or learn to edit so you get the most out of your photos? Sit down with me, 1-on-1, for a personalized workshop that will quickly evolve your skills. 

First session - $100 per/hr (3hr max)

Additional sessions - $85 per/hr (3hr max)


This workshop is perfect if you've got friends, a spouse, children, coworkers and/or family members who are looking to improve their photography skills, editing techniques and/or learn tips and tricks to becoming more organized. Small group sessions are customizable to make sure you and your group can get the most out of your time with me. Whether you want to learn how to shoot epic night skies, capture tasteful portraits or sit down with your computer and learn the more technical side of photography, I've got you covered.

2-4 people - $150 per/hr

5-8 people - $250 per/hr



Whether its high-quality images of a product, a professional look for your business, artistic photographs for your band or personal music endeavors or portraits of you and your family, I'm able to provide top-notch work. 

Product - $225 per/hr or $85 per photograph

Business - $225 per/hr + cost of rental equipment (if needed)

Music - $225 per/hr + cost of rental equipment (if needed)


Single portrait - $125

Environmental Portrait Session - $225 per/hr

Family session - $175 per/hr


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